START WITH LUNGU…asset recovery overdue, says Phiri

STATE asset recovery should start with Edgar Lungu, says Copperbelt Advocates for Justice and Peace executive director Abraham Phiri.

And Phiri said the PF “is reaping the seed they sow for thuggery”.

On Wednesday, President Hakainde Hichilema said recovery of State assets should not be considered as a tribal war.

President Hichilema said this when he met traditional leaders from the Lamba Lima Royal Establishment at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola.

“We want to bring back dignity to traditional leadership in the governance of the country. Bring back respectability. Focus your roles, we need to change. Since independence, this government will move a substantial amount of money to come to the local levels,” said President Hichilema. “We will walk the devolution agenda. Shift resources from a small clique of people in Lusaka who have been stealing money, building houses. We will begin to recover assets and this is not a tribal war. It is to ensure that public resources are given back to the people.”

Commenting on the issue yesterday, Phiri said the “major thieves” are those that worked closely with the former government.

“The major thieves that we have in the country come from PF. Especially those that worked closely with the former president, Mr Edgar Lungu. So when we talk of state assets recovery, it should start with Edgar Lungu,” Phiri said. “We want to commend the President for his consistency in assuring of state assets recovery. In fact, it is overdue. He is taking long through the investigative wings. It is unacceptable that only a few individuals in Lusaka who were so powerful and connected to Mr Lungu…the PF was a group of criminal gangs that did not mean well for the Zambian people.”

He said President Hichilema should be supported in the state assets recovery plan.

Phiri said time has now come for the PF top leadership to pay back to the Zambian people.

“When you look at individuals like…these guys became so rich that money was nothing to them. Public funds were abused like no man’s business with impunity and arrogance. It is now time to pay back to the Zambian people,” he said.

And Phiri said the the PF should not be complaining of violence when they thrived on thuggery.

“In no way do we support violence of whatever nature. But for the PF, they are paying for their sins. PF thrived on thuggery. This is what they say reaping the seed you sow. This is what the PF is now reaping,” said Phiri. “They should be prepared now for what they planted. PF planted seeds of division, seeds of hatred, violence, vengeance and all evil acts. So the PF should just humble themselves and pray for forgiveness. Crying wolf will not help the PF.”

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