GHOSTS HAUNT HH, UPND…PF has risen from the dead – Lubinda

NEWLY elected Kaumbwe PF member of parliament Aaron Mwanza says his win in Thursday’s election reflects the will of the people.

And PF vice-president Given Lubinda says ghosts have haunted the UPND.

Lubinda said people are tired of lies and urged President Hakainde Hichilema to fulfill the promises that made “you win because if you don’t you will not last long.”

But Eastern Province UPND chairperson Johabie Mtonga says the people of Kaumbwe and Lusangazi fell prey to PF’s lies.

Dr Mwanza scooped the seat after polling 6,633 beating UPND’s Esnart Sakala who received 3,117 votes, Socialist Party’s Masauso Daka polled 1,835, Wilbase Tembo of DP got 517 votes, Listed Tembo an independent polled 446, another independent, Yunike Mwale received 191 votes and Charles Nyanoka PNUP received 120 votes.

In an interview after being declared winner, Dr Mwanza said his main preoccupation was to move forward the development agenda.

“This is a true reflection of the will of the people of Kaumbwe. I dedicate this win to PF president Edgar Lungu and the general populace of the PF,” he said.

Dr Mwanza described the violence that characterised the campaign as unfortunate.

“We are told that the UPND was a government that was going to be governing based on the rule of law but this is not what was done here,” he noted. “As for PF from the day of nomination, we said it that it was going to be a violence free election and we never retaliated to any violence.”

Dr Mwanza said the campaigns were not fair because some PF members were harassed.

And Lubinda said the ghost were now haunting President Hakainde Hichilema who said PF was dead.

“The party that President Hichilema said is dead has risen from the dead and it has won the elections. The ghosts from Kaumbwe have voted for fellow ghosts. These ghosts are not only in Petauke but the whole Zambia. He (President Hichilema) insulted us that our party PF is dead, buried and dusted and yet today the people Kaumbwe have voted,” he said.

Lubinda urged President Hichilema to stop cheating people that PF is dead.

“People are tired of lies. Attacking Edgar Lungu everyday instead of fulfilling the promises that they made. Fulfil the promises that made you win because if you don’t you will not last long,” he warned. “You wanted to petition all the parliamentary seats. You will be lucky if we win all the seats as PF because if you lose all of them then the ghosts will rise against you and you will lose all the by-elections.”

Lubinda thanked the people of Kaumbwe and Lusangazi for voting for PF in the election.

And Mtonga admitted that the UPND had somehow relaxed a bit after the general elections.

“As a ruling party, we are not shamed of the elections. You know we are just from the big election which was a general election and we have relaxed a bit,” he said. “We are going to sit down and see where we have gone wrong. I know our friend’s used propaganda and the people listened to it. But it has happened, the people believed in the PF lies.”

Mtonga said President Hichilema outlined a number of issues when he visited the two areas.

He said he had no hard feelings for the people of Kaumbwe and Lusangazi.

Mtonga congratulated the PF for winning the seats.

He said no matter what happened in the elections the PF was dead and would not bounce back to government.

Mtonga said the PF had no progressive agenda for the country.

“President Hichilema has got an agenda for the people of Zambia including Kaumbwe and Lusangazi and that agenda is to bring development closer to the communities,” said Mtonga. “People should not buy into PF
propaganda because it will never come back.”

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