Who can deny that PF has infiltrated UPND?

[By Alfred Chioza]

It would appear UPND has no vision of its own. The best example is Kaumbwe election which was being managed and run by some disgraced ex-PF members. Who can deny that PF has infiltrated UPND? The question is, how have PF thugs with political baggage found it so easy to dictate the game? How the hell did they get to the UPND leadership which is ordinarily inaccessible by the UPND old members? Hasn’t there been money changing hands here? The same corruption we have been condemning? It beats everyone’s logic. Starting from adoptions, old and faithful UPND members haven’t had it easy. Some new and hitherto unknown characters were preferred over the old UPND members who have been in the trenches fighting PF. What can be more frustrating than this?

2.8 million Zambians resolved to divorce PF by voting it out. The divorce isn’t complete until all PF members are hounded out of the strategic positions which UPND has allowed them to continue holding. This hesitancy and naivety are mind boggling. Is this what the voters anticipated? UPND is merely holding offices on behalf of the people, and as such, listen to their expressed sentiments on social media. Ignoring them is not acting honourable by the UPND leadership. True owners of the power, though slow to anger, may just lose their cool. It’s too quick to go against the grain! Are they a listening government?

What are the dangers of keeping PF cadres in offices? By the way, these are the same corrupt people who collectively looted the treasury that robbed off majority of Zambians medicines in hospitals. The same team that deliberately procured goods and services at inflated costs and schemed off the excess monies. The same People who couldn’t find the owner of the 48 houses. The same characters who caused unemployment of our numerous youths: the same people who maimed and killed opposition members (UPND then).

These are the people I would liken to the wives UPND would like to divorce. How can UPND blink and ask them for a shave? Not only an ordinary shave but to the sensitive and ticklish part! That would present an opportune moment to immobilise the ‘Nigger’, never to have a life afterwards.

PF have the money, motive and grudge to destabilise UPND. Social media is awash with negative comments purporting that UPND has the presidency whilst PF has the rest of government and are in control. If district commissioner positions will continue, why not appoint their own and make them feel they truly wrestled power from PF. There are many jobs in government, that is if PF members can be kicked out and there are many good reasons for getting them out. The longer the delay in replacing PF looters, thieves, violent cadres and allowing them to join UPND is like begging the wife one is divorcing to shave your pubic hair. The dangers in doing this are obvious! And whatever happens to you will be your own fault; naivety and failure to heed advice.


UPND/Zambia is divorcing PF. PF is jittery. PSs, parastatal heads, constitutional office holders, DCs -are all PF cadres. Police officers, some businessmen etc; the longer they are kept in offices they will sabotage UPND governing agenda. Atrocities such as corruption, theft committed: they aren’t stupid-they are on notice. PF members aren’t joining UPND for honest reasons but to cover up their sins – no loyalty but flattery. These people killed, tortured UPND members – urinated in the mouth of a journalist, insulted UPND members and its leaders; HH included. How naive can UPND be?

MMD members who joined PF were the first to jump ship. They caused PF to be unpopular resulting in loss of the 2021 elections. Do they buy UPND membership? Soon original UPND will be second class members who will be disenchanted: shameless ex-PF will be driving UPND agenda. Resumption of corruption is guaranteed, so is violence. But why?

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