No political party should be above the law, says Sensele

[By Ben Mbangu in Choma]

PAUL Sensele says no political party should be above the law if the rule of law is to be effectively promoted in the country.

Reacting to the behaviour of UPND cadres in Luanshya who removed the name of the former mayor Nathan Bwalya Chanda from a police post, Sensele said there was need for decency in the country if the rule of law that President Hakainde Hichilema preaches about was to take effect.

“No political party should be above the law if we are to effectively promote the rule of law in the country. We need decency in the country,” he said. “The behaviour by UPND cadres to rename from a police post in Luanshya must be condemned by all Zambians including the Alliance members. Please let’s not behave like the PF behaved during their tenure.”

Sensele recounted the ordeal Zambians went through under the PF regime adding that it must never be allowed back anywhere.

“We went through a bad arrangement during the PF tenure…The current President has put it categorically that he wants rule of law and such behaviour exhibited by our friends in Luanshya is only embarrassing the President,” he said.

Sensele said although majority UPND members cry for the President to quickly appoint district commissioners and permanent secretaries was genuine, lawlessness must never be condoned.

“I didn’t expect that behaviour in Luanshya and to make it worse they were in party regalia. Surely we are heading into rainy season and people should find something to do unlike embarrassing the party in that manner,” he said. “Yes, they have a genuine complaint of delayed appointment of permanent secretaries and district commissioners because with those in positions they will have where to run to. At least if DCs and PSs are appointed, cadres will be running to them to get any help – be it money – other than the current situation where offices are still occupied by PF aligned civil servants meaning they are helping PF cadres.”

And Sensele urged all alliance party members to start sitting down its people on the ground unlike where citizens only hear that today they had done this in Choma and tomorrow another thing in Luanshya.

“The issue of saying because there was too much unruly behaviour under PF and so it can’t just end soon is not an excuse. Even if you are a villager and you go to town, you will know that these are robots (traffic lights). I should wait for them to show the green sign for me to cross the road,” he said. “The law must apply to everyone. When the President says he wants rule of law it must apply to everyone.”

Meanwhile, Sensele appealed to President Hichilema to be considerate of the poor but educated people in his appointments.

“When making appointments let’s not appoint people that already have a life. Those with a foundation already let them just be empowered to grow their business ventures unlike giving them positions to serve at the expense of the majority unemployed young people with qualifications,” he said. “The case of Chipokota Mwanawasa, she has been to State House before. Surely that privilege should have been given to other citizens that never had such privilege – people from Shangombo and other places who are qualified.”

Sensele said Zambia cannot afford to only have names of Mwanakatwe, Kaunda, Kapwepwe, Lungu and so forth, benefiting at the expense of the majority but qualified citizens.

“You mean these are the only intelligent people because in future these Satas, Lungus, Nkumbulas will keep dominating. Now what about these new people who are getting educated? You mean their families won’t have that privilege to serve the country as well?” asked Sensele.

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