PF RISKS BEING CRASHED…they need psychiatric attention to stop hallucinating – Muzungu

SENIOR citizen Mulondwe Muzungu has advised the PF to seek psychiatric attention so that they stop hallucinating.

He warns those reported to be scheming fomentation of troubles, that they risk being crashed and pulverised.

Muzungu, who served in Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s cabinet, said it was shocking that the former ruling party was dreaming about coming back to power after retaining the Kaumbwe parliamentary seat.

“The PF leaders who in the wake of their election win in Kaumbwe brag that PF will bounce back to power, come 2026, must be told that they are hallucinating and must seek psychiatric attention; for, they are out of touch with reality,” he told The Mast in an interview. “Surely, they must know, they must be aware that Zambians and the UPND have no intention whatsoever to give another mandate to the PF after the PF had abused previous mandates. It will not be possible to give another chance to the PF. Not in 2026, not at any time in the future.”

He reminded the PF about atrocities they committed while in power which people were still angry with.

Muzungu said people were still hurt with PF’s poor governance.

“For, the PF in government was notoriously reckless and irresponsible in their management of the country’s affairs. Not only did they steal and plunder the economy massively, not only did corruption fester under them – consigning many Zambians into abject poverty and early graves. Not only were they ruthlessly repressive, brutal and extrajudicial killers leaving many families traumatised, they also destroyed the foundation of our nation – national unity, love, peace and freedom,” Muzungu added. “These are values which we cherish. These PF atrocities still linger in the minds of Zambians. Now that the UPND Alliance and President Hakainde Hichilema have put the country on the path to economic emancipation which we desire so much to sustain our sovereignty and are now reviving the norms of life, which normal person, which normal Zambian would wish a PF come back? No one.”

He said people were now focused on supporting the new government.

Muzungu warned those scheming chaos in the PF that they would be crashed.

“All Zambians are geared to support the new dawn government to the hilt. All well-meaning Zambians are confident that the noble efforts being made by President Hakainde Hichilema to improve and better the lives of Zambians will pay dividends. Therefore, those imagining another PF government are out of touch with reality. It will never happen,” said Muzungu. “Soon the PF will go into oblivion. As for those reported to be scheming fomentation of troubles, let them be warned that they risk being crashed and pulverised. Zambians are geared to defend and protect efforts meant to bring about their wellbeing and we will not allow anybody, sane or insane, to frustrate such efforts. It is time Zambia developed. And every support will be given to such development efforts.”

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