Kasama teenager to serve 3 months community service for defiling girl 5, fondling another

[By Kelvin Siabana in Kasama]

THE Kasama Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 17-year-old boy of Chilubula village to three months community service for defiling a five-year-old girl and touching the private parts of another also aged five.

The sentence came about after the teenager admitted to the charge when he appeared for plea recently before Kasama resident magistrate Samson Mumba.

After thorough questioning, magistrate Mumba found the teenager guilty on two counts.

He charged the teenager in the first count with defilement and in the second one with indecent assault.

Facts before the court were that on September 27 this year, the teenager found the two girls playing together and he lured them into a nearby bush.

In the bush, the convict instructed the minors to take off their undergarments which they did and forced himself on one of the girls by having unlawful carnal knowledge of her while he was also touching the other on her private parts.

The court heard that after the act, the teenager gave the minors two pawpaw fruits and went with them to his parents to watch a movie and he cautioned them not to reveal to any of their parents what had happened in the bush.

According to the facts, one of the girls screamed while her mother was bathing her, prompting the mother to ask her why she was screaming in a strange manner.

The girl then gathered courage and explained the whole painful ordeal that happened earlier in the day.

The girl told her mother that the teenager convinced her and her friend to go with him in the bush.

The teenager will serve his three months community service sentence at a named health institute where he would undergo a six months counselling and rehabilitation programme or in default he would serve one year in prison with hard labour.

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