Kampyongo’s lamentation over the arrest of Chama

On Sunday, former home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo said detained PF deputy national chairman Davies Chama was in strong spirits and ready to appear in court.

Addressing journalists at Lusaka’s Woodlands Police Station after visiting Chama who is in detention for attempted murder, Kampyongo said the development should not discourage PF supporters.

He said State institutions such as the police were not personal and declared to face justice if Zambians thought that he and colleagues had done something wrong when they were in power.

Kampyongo, together with PF deputy secretary general Nickson Chilangwa and leader of the opposition in the House Brian Mundubile, had gone to Woodlands to visit detained Chama.

Chama is immediate past defence minister who, together with his former driver Brian Dumisani Nyoni, is alleged to have attempted to murder Mushaukwa Mushaukwa in Sesheke district on June 6, 2015.

“We are concerned but we remain positive that these are matters that will come to pass. We are all not above the law and we are ready to face justice if there is something that the people of Zambia think we did wrong. And just to encourage our members that, yes, the acting chairperson honourable Davies Chama is in strong spirits. And we are happy to see him in such spirits. And we are encouraged that he’s looking forward to his day in court. But to you our members, remain steadfast and strong. This is a democracy that we have chosen for ourselves. We came from the opposition ourselves to form government and we are back in the opposition,” said Kampyongo. “So, this is the democracy that we have chosen for ourselves. But we are not going to accept to be trodden upon and make us scared and get to abdicate our duties. We are privileged that even as much as we are out of government, we have got the right number of people’s representatives; in this case the MPs…but, like my friend said, we are not going to be broken. We also lent that service to the State and keeping the nation safe. And we made sure that lawbreakers were dealt with through the same institutions; they are not personal, these are State institutions. And no one should attempt to think that when they have got an opportunity to serve the people they own [them]. I always spoke when I was minister of home affairs that it’s not possible to micromanage State institutions. I never did. And I don’t think the current Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security [Jack Mwiimbu] should. The portfolio functions are so many at the ministry. But my emphasis is that we should not create an impression that there was a time when police couldn’t touch certain citizens, not even me as then minister of home affairs was above the law. If there was anything that was wrong, I should have been visited by the law even as I was sitting in the Ministry of Home Affairs.”

Interesting though not surprising!

It was common for Kampyongo and his fellow minions to claim innocence even where it was clear that they were abusing our police officers to settle personal scores. In case he has forgotten so quickly, since we have a better memory than Kampyongo, let us remind him of what he said over three years ago.

Addressing Ndola’s Masala residents and marketeers who gathered as then president Edgar Lungu toured the market and the nearby houses on February 9, 2018, Kampyongo bragged as follows: “We don’t have size; even if you say forward [UPND slogan] and go back, reverse. Ala ifwe tatwakwata na size (we really do not have size). You insult Kateka, twalonga; e ncito twaishiba ifwe (you insult the president, we arrest; that’s the job we know). One Zambia One Nation. When you see Charity Katanga (then Copperbelt police commissioner) acting, know that Kampyongo is behind, that is the football we play us. Those foreigners who come and do other things, immigration comes in, then you know it’s me (Kampyongo). When we come to Ndola to clean, I know there are a lot of confused chaps here. I will come to clean very soon. Ba youth, even you I’m coming for empowerment, this year will not end.”

And today Kampyongo should fool the nation by claiming that he never interfered in the operations of the police? He in fact did it at a large scale. Didn’t his officers even go to the extent of invading people’s properties? We challenge him to deny that he ordered Chinsali police to invade and occupy Dr Fred M’membe’s house in Mwika Village. We also challenge him to deny that it was not a norm for him or any of his colleagues to intimidate police officers by threatening them with transfers and dismissals.

About Karma and justice, it is said, “Every action has equal and opposite reaction. This is law of the universe and spares none. Wrong done and injustice inflicted is paid back in the same coin. No one has escaped justice of the universe. It is only a matter of time. …You will never understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing is done to you.” Equally there is a saying to the effect that, “Be still. The tables are turning and it’s about to get real.”

T.F Hodge once stated that, “Consider intentions carefully. Karma gives a damn about ego, awards allegiance to none, and its justice is truly blind.”

It is also said that practice what you preach or change your speech.

We warned Kampyongo and his bed fellows, including Edgar that their time of reckoning would come. It seems the snail is slowly but surely catching up. You can run but can’t hide. Kampyongo should know that what he is feeling about these arrests is not even a pinch of what Zambians felt from PF abuses. PF are even lucky that they are dealing with a President who has chosen to respect human rights. Otherwise, a one like Edgar would have arrested all of them a day after being sworn in. In fact, police have taken too long to deal with these characters, no wonder they have been mocking their victims with impunity.

In Luke 6:38, the Bible says, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Although this scripture largely talks about gifts, it also explains what kind of gifts we can give to others. Kampyongo and his colleagues bequeathed us violence and maladministration. These two are the greatest gifts they gave to this nation, and with good measure. It is therefore with the same measure that they should expect returns, now that they have to answer for their crimes. They have to receive a good measure of justice, pressed down, shaken together and running over – just as the Word of God says.

PF did whatever they could to the masses without thinking about their feelings. For as long as that injustice served their interests, it was fine with PF and police were deemed to be professional. In their time it was arrest then investigate later. But now things have changed, it’s the opposite. If the PF wanted peace and rest after leaving power, they should have prepared for it.

Regarding what we do to others, the Bible warns again in Mathew 7:12 that, “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.”

So, Kampyongo should not lament so much, it is too early. The suffering Zambians went through in the last seven years of PF rule cannot be compared to the respectful arrest of Chama, Chilangwa and Ronald Chitotela. These are able to open their mouths and spew hot air because they are under a tolerant administration.

The beauty about the wheels of justice is that it doesn’t matter how long it takes, the day of reckoning still comes. To borrow his own words, they should just remain strong, the same way Zambians remained strong until they decided to kick the rubbish out on August 12, 2021. Equally, the PF are now in the dock, let them just explain why they abused their power that much. A tirade of lamentations, even if they take a century, will not attract compassion from any reasonable Zambian.

As James Comey put it, “No one is above the law, that no scheme is too complex or too fancy to be beyond the long arm of the law.”

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