PF TIPPING POLICE…it’s a case of self-betrayal – Chanda

IT’S Chishimba Kambwili who made the first call to have the immunity of former president Edgar Lungu lifted, Percy Chanda has said.

Chanda, the UPND chairman for mines, says PF members should stop crying when arrested because the police are acting on tip offs from other PF members.

He said Kambwili is the one who started the campaign to expose the corruption and other crimes of the PF.

“The entire PF leadership should be reminded (that) it’s themselves that tipped off the police that there were criminals amongst themselves. PF crimes were in public domain long before PF was kicked out of office. It’s on record that at one time Mr Lungu told the nation that some of his ministers were corrupt. Mr Lungu went on to say that out of 10 Bembas six are thieves. As if this was not enough, Hon Chishimba Kambwili went ballistic accusing Mr Lungu of being too corrupt and a thief. To crown it all, the then PF secretary general Davis Mwila openly warned his colleagues that if they lose elections they will go to jail,” Chanda said. “Criminals are always too forgetful and very bad at keeping secrets. This is a case of self-betrayal. Police are merely acting on tip offs from PF itself. If Mr Lungu can openly say that he was working with thieves, who are we including the police to ignore the man who had access to daily intelligence reports even on his ministers? When the former president said that out 10 Bembas six are thieves…”

He said it is very clear now that the former president knew what he was talking about.

“The high number of PF Bemba ministers being arrested confirms that. When Mr Lungu said out of 10 Bembas six are thieves, the entire PF leadership including Bemba thieving ministers vigorously defended that statement. Some even said he was just joking, that it was icimbuya (traditional cousinship),” Chanda recalled. “Now that the police is acting on that tip off, the same people want to pretend that it’s not their boss who betrayed them. When some of us protested that Mr Lungu was putting Bembas on the spot, we were called all sorts of names by PF. So what are these potential inmates complaining about?”

He said it was not Zambians that are calling for the lifting of Lungu’s immunity.

“… it’s actually Dr Kambwili who made that proposal. It’s Dr Kambwili who first accused Mr Lungu of being too corrupt and a thief. Zambians and the police have no reason to doubt what Dr Kambwili said because he was an insider and very close to Mr Lungu,” said Chanda. “They say if you want know how a hippo lives under water ask the crocodile. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in removing Mr Lungu’s immunity because Zambians are merely seconding the proposal on the motion made by Dr Kambwili.”

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