Nalumango gives in to public concern over how she should be addressed

VICE-PRESIDENT Mutale Nalumango says she is comfortable being addressed as such, without the initials WK as she had earlier demanded.

And Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) president Cecilia Zimba says the institution is ready to help the government design systems that will bring about the needed change in public service.

Upon taking up the second highest office of the land, Vice-President Nalumango directed that she be addressed by the media as “WK Mutale Nalumango”.

And immediately, the public broadcaster, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation switched to the Vice-President’s demand.

The Corporation received criticism from the public and other stakeholders including other media players, prompting Office of the Vice-President permanent secretary Stephen Mwansa to issue a statement authenticating the Vice-President’s directive.

This caused a serious backlash, especially from the media against whose operating standards the directive stood.

And last week, the Media Liaison Committee engaged permanent secretary Mwansa in the Vice-President’s office over the same.

The committee raised, among other issues, that it amounted to interference with media operations.

Addressing the Forum for Zambia Women Accountants fourth symposium in Lusaka yesterday, Vice-President Nalumango took the opportunity to somewhat withdraw her directive.

“…anyone of us can sit there (in the office of Vice-President) when determined, when your mind is made up as to what you want to do. Even where you are sitting as accountants, I believe there are people that are also looking to you. And that’s why wherever we are, we must remember that we are role models of somebody. And therefore, do whatever you do with excellence, that is all we need. Nothing special about Nalumango,” she said. “And through you, the issue of WK Mutale Nalumango should not arise as a debate. We have too many things to think about. I am using this occasion to…really, nobody is called by all the names. If you say ‘Mutale Nalumango’, I’m comfortable because I was born Miss Mutale. I met Mr Nalumango, I didn’t drop my maiden surname except what I didn’t want was Mutale WK Nalumango; then that is not me. But you don’t have to always say WK Mutale Nalumango. Mutale Nalumango is sufficient enough for addressing. It is for signing that you put the names (initials). Thank you for allowing me to use this point to clarify to everybody.’’

Earlier, Vice-President Nalumango said accountants could not afford to remain behind when there was positive change in the nation.

“…As such, change has come and accountants therefore cannot afford to live with an attitude of business as usual. This forum is an important event that must live up to the expectations of the Zambian people,” said Vice-President Nalumango. “In line with the theme, I categorically make a call for women in all spheres of life to make a positive difference and contribution in whatever areas of responsibility we are placed in. We should not be a copy cut of what men, in this sense male human beings are doing, but bring more collaborative ideas that men and women can achieve more together.”

And Zimba committed to supporting the government’s transformation agenda in public service delivery.

The symposium was themed: Driving change, choose to challenge.

“More than ever, we must be resilient and choose to challenge in order to drive true change. Your Honour the Vice-President, as business and finance professionals, we are challenged with the opportunity to safeguard public interest, as good public financial management systems are important for democratic governance, macroeconomic stability, effective use and equitable distribution of national resources,” said Zimba. “The zero tolerance to corruption the new dawn government has embraced will be achieved and made possible if effective public financial management systems are in place and fiscal discipline enforced.”

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