GOVERNMENT says there is need for the national football team to improve because losing is not in the best interest of the team.

Sports minister Elvis NKandu says government is always ready to support the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), but demands that it is time the team produced results.

On Tuesday night, Zambia lost 3-1 to Tunisia in the last game of Group B of the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifier.

Zambia finished third in the group with seven points after six games and failed to qualify to the final stages of the qualifier.

“We have ever been ready to support FAZ as a new dawn government, but there is need for the national team to improve. You know, it’s not in the best interest for our national team losing. A lot of Zambians have really complained and we should not just turn a blind eye to the complaint that are coming from the fans because football is all about fans,” he told The Mast in an interview. “They need to impress the fans, if the fans are complaining the way they are complaining, definitely something needs to be done. And it’s important we respect the fans because they are the owners of the team.”

He added that FAZ needed to put its house in order and give fans the results that they deserve.

“So, as we facilitate for the team to compete, let them also be mindful that on the other hand the Zambian fans and indeed ourselves as government we are complaining that it should not be just business as usual; things need to be done properly there (at Football House),’’ said Nkandu.

“It motivates government as well when you are getting better results, but when you are not getting results it demotivates us as sponsors. So, I would urge them to put their house in order and give us what we deserve which are better results.”

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