Court of Appeal condemns Nakacinda to ‘huge’ costs in MMD case

MMD spokesperson Cephas Mukuka says Raphael Nakacinda is ending this year with huge bills on his back for having accepted to be used as a hired gun against the party.

In a statement, Mukuka stated that the Court of Appeals last week condemned Nakacinda to “huge costs” as an individual for wasting the court’s time after applying to withdraw his appeal against High Court judge Sharon Newa’s judgment in 2019 that declared Nevers Mumba the legitimate leader of MMD.

He said Nakacinda, who in the PF is being referred to as the ‘step son of the fallen emperor’, in panic on Wednesday in Ndola, where the Court of Appeal was sitting, applied to withdraw his appeal in the case he lost to MMD in November 2019.

He said MMD lawyers refused to have the matter quietly withdrawn because Nakacinda was warned two years ago about appealing the case but he insisted.

The lawyers said Nakacinda had not only wasted the court’s time but MMD’s time.

He explained that in May 2016, the PF and Rupiah Banda sponsored the illegal convention that installed an illegal leadership on MMD.

Mukuka said the legitimate leaders took the case to court, challenging that illegality and that the case lasted three years.

“Despite the fallen emperor being in charge of this illegality by using his step son – Raphael Mangani ‘Nakadancer’, justice prevailed,” Mukuka said. “The wheels of justice were slow but finally it came. Nakacinda could not contain the humiliating loss but to save face rushed to appeal the case. He used this appeal to continue destabilising the party until his step father rewarded him with a fake position in the sinking titanic.”

Mukuka said after the landmark judgement in 2019, Nakacinda initially applied to stay the judgement but it was thrown out as it lacked merit to succeed.

“On Wednesday, in the Court of Appeals sitting in Ndola, he rushed there through his lawyers to apply to withdraw the case knowing very well he no longer had any interest in the affairs of the MMD,” said Mukuka. “He was however condemned with huge costs for wasting the court’s time and that of the MMD. He is ending the year with huge bills on his back as an individual, which shall cost him dearly for having accepted to be used as a hired gun.”

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