HH legal advisor pledges diligence, hard work

CHRISTOPHER Mundia Jr says his appointment as President Hakainde Hichilema’s legal advisor is the greatest challenge he has ever had to deal with as a professional.

And Mundia Jr says his father, late Christopher Mundia, State Counsel, was a meticulous lawyer.

Mundia Jr, who was on Friday coincidentally appointed on the day his father would have turned 81, said he would take his new position with humility especially that President Hichilema decided to entrust a young person with such a crucial job.

“It’s one I take with humility, and that I intend to execute in terms of my duties, with utmost diligence and exceptional hard work because as the President repeatedly said, it’s not a question of individuals. This a matter of public service and purely public service, nothing more, nothing less,” he said. “I take it very seriously and from a personal level, this is the greatest challenge I have ever had to deal with as a professional. So, with God’s blessings and the support of the Zambian people, we hope we can make a difference.”

And Mundia said his father, a distinguished lawyer, believed in discipline and hard work.

“I look at it from two points, firstly from a perspective as a father and the other perspective as a professional. As a father, fantastic father, the guy was a disciplinarian. Somebody who believed in discipline and hard work. And as you heard from the family representative, he also believed in a lot of education,” Mundia added. “If you discussed matters of education, you would be the best of friends. And as a professional I would describe him as a meticulous lawyer, somebody whose work speaks for itself in several judgments before the courts. And [as] somebody who was very well respected in the profession, especially that he led our association at that time from 2000, 2002 during the turbulent period that we had in defence of the Constitution relating to attempts by president Frederick Chiluba trying to run for the third term.”

Mundia Jr said his father had in fact left an indelible legacy.

“So, for him his legacy is very well defined on those two perspectives and today it’s a great honour. Coincidentally, yesterday (Friday) should have been his 81st birthday and as a family we were placed in a situation where we were requested to serve the public, to serve the presidency,” he said. “It was a good coincidence and I am sure it’s with his blessings considering that it happened when it should have been his 81st birthday.”

Mundia Jr said his father was a great mentor not only to him but also many other lawyers.

He further said everything that he knew about law was imparted in him by his father.

“We miss him dearly but we will continue to abide by the principles that he left us with: selflessness, humility, the ability to always consult and ability to serve society whenever you are called upon,” said Mundia Jr. “Of course, he is my greatest mentor. I worked with him. The first job I had was to carry his bag around and [I] worked with him from 2017 up to 2019 when he took leave from the firm and I took over the running of the firm. I learnt everything I know about the law from him. I learnt everything about the business of law practice from him. Everything I know about the law I learnt from him. Definitely in that regard, he was a great, great mentor and I am not saying this because he was my father but I think many people can attest to that fact. Some of our colleagues in the profession can attest that they learnt a lot from him. He was truly an exceptional mind in that sphere.”

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