SUSPENDED Zanaco FC general manager Marlon Kananda says it will not make business sense to reinstate him a few days before the expiry of his contract.

Kananda who was suspended by the Super League club on May 28, 2021, also wants to be told why he was suspended and the findings of the alleged offences of financial irregularities among others.

He says what he finds unfair and unprofessional is the way he was accused of financial misconduct and other irregularities without being given an explanation when he was reinstated.

Following a six-month suspension, on November 1, Kananda received a letter from Zanaco board chairman David Musunga, informing him of his reinstatement and the lifting of his suspension.

In his suspension letter, the club said investigations would follow into suspected financial irregularities.

On August 28, Kananda was later informed of the extension of his suspension for a period of 30 days in order to complete investigations.

But from August, Kananda was not communicated to until the sudden lifting of his suspension.

“Kindly be advised that the Board has resolved to lift your suspension and reinstate you into your substantive role as General Manager of Zanaco FC. Should you have any queries pertaining to this matter, do not hesitate to contact the undersigned,” read the letter.

But in his response to Zanaco, Kananda said since his contract officially ends on December 9 and no offer has been given to extend his stay, he was of the view that they consider putting him on garden leave until the end of the agreement.

“I started work on 10th December 2018 and I am expecting my gratuity and leave days to be calculated and paid as I leave the business. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities given to me to lead a vibrant team for the past 3 years,” Kananda wrote. “It has been a wonderful experience to work for such a great team and help in formulating among others, creation of business plan, policies and procedures etc. Should the leave be approved, I will be available for any assistance that may be required to ensure a smooth transition.”

Meanwhile, Kananda said having been excluded from the team and some decisions made in his absence clearly showed they were not made in the best interest of the club.

He cited the dismissal of coach Chris Kaunda, adding that the latter would have made a better coach than the current one.

“Administration is not about finding faults but about finding what each and every member of the team can contribute positively. I may not have been the best administrator, but I feel I was moving the team in the right direction and what we needed was guidance from the Board or any relevant office especially that we finished second last season,” said Kananda.

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