PF NEEDS NEW BLOOD…it’s good Mwila has resigned – Phiri

EASTERN Province PF information and publicity secretary William Phiri says there is a certain group of people in the former ruling party who want to ascend to positions in a forceful manner.

He welcomed the resignation of party secretary general Davies Mwila. Also PF national chairman Samuel Mukupa left the position last week.

Phiri says “certain faces, certain names that hurt the Zambian people are not supposed to be in the forefront in the rebranding process.”

And Phiri says PF should choose a people’s person to be the party’s secretary ahead of 2026 general elections.

In an interview, Phiri said the idea of holding a convention was not bad.

“But it’s like a certain section of people who want to ascend to power in a forceful manner want to push for a convention in a quickest way. It is like a man who has just lost a wife and decides to call all the relatives next week and tells them that he wants to marry a new wife,” he said. “People will say that man is not normal. This is the same case with PF. We lost elections two months ago and people are saying they want to go to the convention.”

Phiri said PF’s structures are not okay.

“People still have uncertainties as where the party is going to right now. So, every person in the party now should be focusing not on leadership but restructuring our party. Even those with ambitions they should put the ambitions aside and focus on reorganizing the party,” he urged. “When we say rebranding of the party, party president Edgar Chagwa Lungu at the memorial of the late Michael Chilufya Sata categorically apologised for the wrongs that the party was doing. From there onwards everyone was supposed to get a leaf and start rebranding, change of mindset. Certain faces, certain names that hurt the Zambian people are not supposed to be in the forefront in the rebranding process.”

Phiri said rebranding PF by bringing in people that made the party lose the August poll “cannot be rebranding at all”.

“When you are talking about rebranding, you have to bring in new people, new blood. But we have to change the mindset. But we have also people that are clean in the PF, those that are not dirty. Those are the people that the PF are supposed to bring in,” Phiri said. “As PF in the province, we are worried with the calls for the convention in the quickest way. It’s good that the secretary general [Davies Mwila] who was the most hateful in the eyes of the people has resigned. We are happy with that. We hope that the party leadership will give us a secretary general who is going to be a people’s person, who understand politics. Who is going to take people to the battle lines in 2026. We don’t want someone who is going to kill the spirit of the party.”

He said PF youths should defend the party in the rebranding process.

“If we are going to let loose our cadres the way we let them in the past 10 years, then forget about rebranding. When you talk about rebranding, we need to talk about the mindset change and do away with those things that made people to hate PF,” said Phiri.

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