The country needs unity

President Hakainde Hichilema says his government would bring diversity of skills on the table.

“Somebody will be permanent secretary without knowing anyone in Cabinet. Without being related to anyone! I’m very proud of that, that we walk the talk to reunite this country,” says President Hichilema.

Without looking at the faces, merits or demerits of those he has appointed, one thing for sure that our nation needs right now is unity – the unity of purpose. Without the country uniting, without the leadership creating an environment that fosters unity, we stand no chance of achieving socio-economic development.

Our country is faced with numerous challenges. Our world today is in dire straits. Shortages of food, water scarcity, inadequate shelter, energy deficiencies, disease afflictions, conflicts, and underdevelopment are still topics haunting humanity in the 21st Century. Advances in one area are met with full-circle reversals in other sectors. The much-celebrated globalisation anchored on neo-liberalism is being replaced by unilateralism – protectionist policies. Unity is slowly becoming an illusion on planet earth. Yet we are told “Unity gives freedom, unity makes us win, we all can work, we all have the capability to start business but by working together we can win. Individually we are like one drop but together in unity we are like ocean. In this world you will meet different people, and every different people will know something that you don’t, hence by understanding each other we people can learn through each other.”

There’s need to unite as a country if we are to exploit the potentials inherent in our citizens. Unity in diversity is an essential capital that can catapult our potential in all spheres of human endeavour. Zambia needs unity. Our world needs unity.

Bob Marley once talked about, “How good and how pleasant it would be, before God and man,
to see the unification of all Rastaman, yeah
As it’s been said already, let it be done
I tell you who we are under the sun
We are the children of the Rastaman
We are the children of the Iyaman
So, Africa unite
Afri, Africa unite, yeah!
Unite for the benefit (Africa unite) of your people!”

And Fidel Castro aptly put it, “I ask you all, without exception, to consider: Can a revolutionary process be irreversible or not; what are the ideas or the degree of consciousness that would make the reversal of a revolutionary process impossible? Every revolutionary strategist and tactician has the duty to devise a strategy and tactics that will lead to the fundamental objective of changing the real world. No tactic or strategy that undermines unity is a good one. The world is in desperate need of unity, and if we fail to construct a minimum of unity, we will get nowhere. I have thought a lot about the role of ethics. What are the ethics of a revolutionary? All revolutionary thinking begins with a little bit of ethics, with a little bit of values instilled by parents, instilled by teachers. No revolutionary is born with these ideas; just as we are not born speaking, someone taught us to speak. The influence of the family is also very great…”

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