YOU CAN’T FIGHT THE BULLDOZER…On Tuesday, I’ll be in Parliament – Lusambo

I DON’T own Nato forces, says Bowman Lusambo.

And Lusambo, whose election was nullified by the Ndola High Court last Friday, said no one can beat him in Kabushi as long as he is alive.

Featuring on Diamond TV Sunday night programme dubbed ‘Costa’, Lusambo bragged that he would be back in parliament today.

“The judgment is under the bridge. On Tuesday, I will be in Parliament. We have pushed a notice of appeal. I don’t own ‘Nato Forces’. I am Bowman Lusambo and not ‘Nato Forces’,” he said. “It is not necessary to discuss the judgment. Bulldozer will always be a bulldozer. You can’t fight a bulldozer.”

Lusambo denied distributing money in Kabushi Constituency ahead of the August 12 general elections.

“A bulldozer will always be a bulldozer. This is a manmade thing. I have been in politics for quite some time and understand politics. I know this is a manmade thing. There are people who are fearing me to be in Parliament, and one day they will be exposed,” Lusambo said. “Call me a former member of parliament on Sunday and Monday, call me a former MP on Tuesday. Whatever has happened, I am member of parliament who managed to win twice. I got 18,000 plus. My future in the political scene is very bright. I am not a politician from UNZA but from the grassroots.”

He expressed confidence in the Judiciary, adding that it is the Constitutional Court that would decide his position.

Lusambo admitted that it was not easy for anyone to win in Kabushi.

“I have confidence in the Judiciary and they perform above board. I accept the outcome but definitely we have spotted a lot of grey areas. The ConCourt will decide. I want other judges to look into the judgment,” he added. “No one can win Kabushi Constituency as long as I live. Anyone who will stand on Kabushi Constituency will be embarrassed. I respect the Judiciary and I know what they are going through. I have a lot to do in my political career and I will serve the people of Kabushi in many portfolios.”

Asked if he was interested in the PF presidency, Lusambo denied vehemently.

“On leading PF, I am not interested in leading PF. I am not excited in leading PF. We are going to [claim] the leadership from UPND because HH (President Hakainde Hichilema) is not a trustworthy politician. HH promised Zambians free education and has failed. Jobs, he has failed to create jobs. Icikwanka bacimwena ku mampalanya (you shall know them by their deeds),’’ he said.

And Lusambo said PF members have realised the mistakes they made, and are repentant.

“I can assure you that all of us are sinners. We need to repent. We have accepted the mistakes and are ready to govern [again]. We have rebranded as a party,” said Lusambo.

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