Lungu full of fear, can’t open mouth to protect PF – Tonga

ENOCK Tonga has pleaded with PF president Edgar Lungu to come out and speak for members in his party.

Tonga, leader of the 3RD Liberation Movement, says PF members have been left like orphans fending for themselves.

“Umwenso ba Lungu – finshi kanshi mwalufyanya ifikalamba ifilemikanya ukwisula akanwa nokulandilako abantu benu? Tali mucili ba president ba PF? (You are so full of fear Mr Lungu – what wrong have you done which stops you from opening your mouth and speak for your people? Are you still not the PF president),” he asked. “Come out from your hiding and protect your children in PF nga filya inkoko ifukatila abana (just like the hen protects her chicks). Batata ba Edgar Chagwa Lungu balingila pa cani, basha abaana mu PF ukwabula ukwakulola (Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has gone under, leaving his children in PF without leadership – direction), as PF melts like an ice block which has been exposed to a 1,000°C furnace heat. PF is a sorry state of affair.”

Tonga said Lungu could not fail both the State and his own party.

He has reminded Lungu that “don’t sleep on duty as you did when you were the President of the Republic of Zambia”.

“Surely, president Lungu, you cannot afford to both fail the nation and your own party. Look at how many seats so far of your once mighty but now fallen PF have been nullified by the High Court?” said Tonga. “By virtue of you still holding on to or being the party president, signifies that you are still active in politics and the best you can do is to speak out or handover the presidency to someone who is courageous so that there is leadership to guide your party. But to sit back and bury your head in the sand like an ostrich is a totally misplaced approach of handling matters of this magnitude by a former head of state like you and your once mighty PF. Well, fyakuifwaila (it’s self-imposed)!”

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