Public office not about reaping personal benefit, says Kabesha

HOLDING public office is about service not about reaping personal benefit, says Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha.

And Kabesha says the UPND government is committed to completing the constitutional reform through a broad-based consensus among all Zambians.

Speaking at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) corporate governance and the law training being held at Protea Hotel, Kabesha said under the UPND, governance entails transparency, accountability, consultation and dialogue between the governors and the governed.

“To achieve this there must be watchdog institutions that ensure a level playing field in the area of governance. Fundamental among such institutions is an independent Judiciary, a free press, and an active civil society,” he said. “Zambia has now a government that understands that holding public office is about service to the nation and not about reaping personal benefit.” Kabesha added that strong institutions of governance have a direct bearing on the development of a country as “these will ensure no one is above the law”.

“In this regard, the UPND government commits to the following in order to promote good governance: Establish a durable constitutional order that will catalyse the political, economic and social development. Complete the constitutional reform agenda anchored on a broad-based consensus among all Zambians. Domesticate key international and regional conventions to uphold good governance. Revive the process of expanding the Bill of Rights to integrate economic, social and cultural rights. Guarantee independence and autonomy of the Judiciary, a free press and an active civil society,” said Kabesha.

ZIALE director and chief executive officer Ann Malata-Ononuju said ZIALE is a key player in national development and the acceleration of the efforts towards Vision 2030.

She noted that the new dawn government had declared 2021 to 2026 as a time for change, which denotes “Corruption free, Hard work, Accountability, National unity, Good governance and Economic transformation”.

Ononuju told Kabesha that ZIALE needs support in infrastructure improvement on its Andrew Mwenya Campus and construction of a modern campus in Silverest in Chongwe.

She added that ZIALE intends to build a state of the art national and regional training institute if only funding from the government can be improved and increased.

Ononuju also said ZIALE would introduce full time lecturers for the purpose of improving the teaching and learning.

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