More people want to be compensated for what they went through during PF govt – Kabesha

IT’S not just UPND members that have sued the State seeking compensation for abuse of what they went through during the PF regime, says Attorney General Mulilo Kabesha.

In writ of summons filed in the Livingstone High Court dated October 28, 2021 by their lawyer Dr Clement Andeleki of A. Mbambala Legal Practitioners Ackson Sejani, a former cabinet minister, Choma mayor Javen Simoloka, Mazabuka mayor Vincent Lilanda, Choma businessman Fines Malambo and Veronica Mwanakasale Mukuni (wife to senior chief Mukuni) are each demanding K2 million in compensation from the State for unlawful imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

They have listed the Hatembo’s, Fellunah and Milton, whom they were accused of abducting as their witnesses.

In October, Mukuni’s aide Clifford Sitali, two Livingstone UPND members and six others also sued the State seeking compensation for unlawful detention, torture and inhuman treatment by the Zambia Police for allegedly being behind the burning City Market in Lusaka.

The two UPND members are Kayata Zhinga and Mulenga Chileshe while the others are Wonder Makazuka, Mainza Chongo, James Hambulo, Jamps Jeromi Hambulu, Biggy Mubaganga and David Samba were arrested in 2017 and only released after spending 112 days in incarceration in Livingstone and Lusaka.

Dr Andeleki, who is also Katombora UPND member of parliament, said the plaintiffs shall testify before court that they were threatened to be killed if they did not help the Zambia Police to apprehend the suspects who burnt City Market.

Answering a question from The Mast Newspaper on the sidelines of the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) corporate governance and the law meeting held at Protea Hotel in the tourist capital, Kabesha declined to comment on the Sejani and four others and the Sitali and six others issue saying the matters are before courts of law and his comments in media would be subjudice.

“Usually we as lawyers will tell you that the matter is sub-judicial. We rarely comment, but just to comment on the statement where you are saying UPND members have sued the State or have made claims against the State. It’s not just the UPND members. There are several if you want to go the political way. There are many others from other political parties,” he said. “So we have quite a number of people who want to be compensated for what they went through during the previous government. The UPND have taken over (government) so they are also responsible for what the previous government did. That is what governance is all about.”

Kabesha added that the UPND administration cannot run away from the previous government’s errors.

“The matters you are mentioning are before court so they are subjudicial. We can’t discuss them in the media,” said Kabesha, who was joined by ZIALE director Ann Malata-Ononuju.

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