What men can do women can also do, says Kazabu

WHAT we men can do, women can also do, says former Nkana PF area member of parliament Luxon Kazabu.

Commenting on the appointment of over 10 women to permanent secretary as well as State House advisory positions by President Hakainde Hichilema, Kazabu said the President was aiming to reach some form of equity between men and women in leadership positions.

“I am sure the President by having more women at PS (permanent secretary) level is trying to do some balancing act because our dear mothers also deserve to be in such leadership levels where decisions are made,” he said. “So it is a move in the right direction and one can only look forward to more women being appointed to other positions because what we men can do women can also do. I am not referring to the biological norms, no! So it is good. I am personally cheered.”

He added that women participation in decision making portfolios has been an old cry by NGOs and feminists.

“So if we can’t reach the desired 50 per cent parity levels as for now, at least we should be seen to be moving to some kind of equity,” said Kazabu, a former livestock and fisheries deputy minister as well as Kitwe mayor.

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