Extend investigation to Kampyongo on NRC issuance to under age in Petauke – Chipenzi

GEARS Initiative Zambia says the arrest and charging of former Petauke district commissioner and Kaumbwe PF chairperson Velenasi Moyo for aiding the issuance of NRCs to 1,000 minors is welcome and commendable.

Executive director MacDonald Chipenzi said the arrest and subsequent charging of Moyo by the Zambia Police Service for one count of Abuse of Authority of office Contrary to the law and jointly charging him with Goodson Ngandu Lungu for intent ot decieve is an iceberg of the deep-rooted malpractices.

On Thursday, police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga announced that police had arrested charged and charged Moyo 44, and Lungu 50.

Hamoonga said it was alleged that the duo, on a date unknown but between August 1 and September 30, 2020, jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown, aided more than 1,000 under age children ranging between five and 15 years to obtain National Registration Cards (NRCs).

He said the children subsequently obtained voters cards.

Commenting on the same, Chipenzi said the fact that the duo allegedly engaged in the suspected offence at the height of the NRC issuance exercise indicated how compromised the whole process was.

“The disclosure by police that the duo did aid more than one thousand under aged children ranging between five and 15 years to obtain National Registration Cards explains why [then home affairs minister] Mr [Stephen] Kampyongo denied stakeholders from monitoring the exercise to undermine transparency and accountability in the process,” he said. “No wonder when stakeholders raised this concern and why they were not allowed to monitor the exercise, it was dismissed by the former minister of home affairs and when Mubita Nawa and Anthony Bwalya raised this concern, they were arrested by police under the command of Mr Kampyongo.”

Chipenzi said it was extremely sad to now learn that actually such malpractices happened during the issuance of NRCs.

He said the outcome wwas a direct indictment on the then Ministry of Home Affairs, Kampyongo

and the director general at the department of national registration and passport cards (DNRPC).

“This therefore requires explanation from Mr Kampyongo and his DG for the DNRPC as the acts were unpatriotic and a security risk to Zambia. It is sad that out of this electoral malpractice, the children subsequently obtained voters cards and definitely voted in the August general election even when they were ineligibles,” said Chipenzi.

“It is probably true on the other side of this argument with thorough investigation that even foreigners benefited from this malpractice especially in border towns and peri-urban areas of big towns where such people are live/stay prevalent.”

Chipenzi called on the police to extend investigations to Kampyongo and the director general of the DNRPC to ascertain the role they played in what he termed the evil scheme.

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