Bus, tax operators call for investigation into attacks on passengers

THE Bus and Taxi Owners Association of Zambia has urged law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate reports of attacks on passengers aboard buses in certain areas in Lusaka and bring perpetrators to book.

And the association has urged the travelling public to use registered buses and taxis that are clearly marked with fleet numbers and proper ribbons representing regions for easy identification in case of such occurrences.

National spokesperson Amis Daudi urged travellers to stop using undesignated bus stops and avoid boarding unregistered buses.

“The Bus and Taxi Owners Association of Zambia is deeply shocked and concerned by the reported criminal activities and attacks on members of the public whilst on-board of public passenger buses in Lusaka. The reports have alleged that this crime is being committed by bus drivers and their conductors,” he said in a statement over reported attacks on female passengers on some routes in Lusaka. “The Association has strongly condemned these activities and would like to call upon all law enforcement officers to immediately and speedily institute investigations so that the perpetrators of this crime are apprehended and made to face the wrath of the law. The association is deeply touched by this development and commiserates with the victims of these abhorrent crimes.”

Daudi emphasised the need for passengers to only board buses from designated places.

“Registered operators are clearly marked with fleet names or numbers, they bear specific-coloured ribbons for regional identity and their vehicle registration number plates are red in colour. Additionally, these units are under mandatory insurance cover for all passengers,” he explained. “Furthermore, legitimate bus and taxi operations operate only from designated bus stops and stations. The purpose of these stringent control measures is to guarantee the safety of passengers and easy identification of the transporter…Therefore, the association would like to appeal to all travelers and commuters to desist from the use of undesignated bus stops or stations and totally avoid boarding unregistered buses and taxis.”

Daudi appealed to law enforcement agencies to clamp down on unregistered buses and taxis.

“The law enforcement agents of the state must also step-in to ensure that no unregistered vehicles are allowed to operate in the passenger transport sector. This is the only way we shall collectively protect and ensure the safety of the travelling Public,” said Daudi.

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