Going through petition is a difficult moment – Tembo

SINDA PF member of parliament Masauso Tembo says going through a petition was a difficult moment.

Lusaka judge Susan Wanjelani, who was sitting in Chipata, dismissed a petition against Tembo by losing UPND candidate Levy Ngoma.

Ngoma, who was recently appointed special assistant to the President for politics, alleged that there was involvement of foreign voters from Mozambique, Kapoche and Mkaika, involvement of chieftainess Kawaza in the campaigns and other electoral malpractices.

Ngoma had also asked the court to order for a vote recount due to alleged irregularities.

But judge Wanjelani dismissed the petition and declared Tembo as duly elected.

Shortly after the judgment, Tembo, who was accompanied by his Msanzala counterpart Elias Daka, who was earlier declared duly elected by judge Mwape Bowa, flashed the PF symbol.

In an interview, Tembo said he was happy that the difficult moment was over.

“I am happy this thing has passed; these were difficult moments because I was forced to be in court most of the time. I want to thank my legal team for the good job. I would like to thank God Almighty for this and I also want to appreciate the party structures in Sinda for the support that has been given to me,” he said.

Tembo said he was now a free person to go into the constituency and work because no one was going to push him.

“I was affected by the petition because most of the time I was coming here for the petition instead of attending to issues in the constituency. As you know a petition is costly, so I wasn’t much available for my people. I don’t harbour any grudge against the petitioner because he was merely exercising his rights,” said Tembo.

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