Take morphine to ease PF loss, Munakaila advises Mpombo

ELPHAS Munakaila has advised George Mpombo to take morphine to ease the excessive pain of defeat of the PF, his lovely political party.

Responding to the former defence minister’s statement rubbishing the UPND’s 90 days in government, Munakaila reminded him that only President Hakainde Hichilema had powers to appoint and knew who to appoint and to which institution or position and for what reasons.

Munakaila, a former Civil Servant and Allied Workers Union of Zambia judiciary branch chairman, said President Hichilema appoints owing to one’s abilities, just the same way Mpombo was appointed defence minister by the then president Levy Mwanawasa.

“Most leaders who have rendered themselves irrelevant to the nation were all former ruling party appointees who think they know it all with regards to governance and yet at any given time or period the country has one President who has powers to appoint persons whom he thinks he can work with. In response to a former defence minister, Mr George Mpombo, who thinks there is failing before failing, with regards to the newly appointee permanent secretaries and district commissioners by President Hakainde Hichilema, I wish to advise Mr Mpombo to take morphine, a drug, to ease the excessive pain of defeat of PF, his lovely political party since he has failed to sustain or contain it for good 90 plus days now as he has lightly put it in the Thursday 25th November 2021 Mast Newspaper, where he said 90 days of UPND a disaster,” he said. “One thing I must make mention here is that HH is the only President with powers to appoint and knows who to appoint to which institution, position and for what reasons in terms of abilities of individuals he chooses to appoint, just the same way Mr Mpomdo was appointed by the then sitting president during his time as defence minister.”

Munakaila said he was certain that Mpombo and many other self-distracted leaders, who thought they were better placed to know which individual should have been better appointed as permanent secretary or district commissioner, would never lead Zambia.

He counselled that if one has been a minister of defence, secretary general of a failed political party or even leader of instinctive political party, it does not make them shining stars of knowledge.

“Whether Tamanga businessman or woman, it is the duty of the sitting President of the government in power to appoint or disappoint. It does not sit well for any reasonable person to buy into this kind of endless defeat bitterness of these known leaders,” Munakaila said. “Let them take many sips of morphine to ease their defeat pain or they render themselves not useful if they continue to condemn every action President HH takes even before failure is seen. Why not wait for results of his action(s) after which, depending on the outcome, you can be free to step onto an anthill and shout the loudest in condemnation and not on assumption that this and that will not work.”

Munakaila said it was unfortunate that Mpombo had taken politics as though he was the only person with sight and emotional feeling to see and feel what was happening in the country.

He noted with sadness that Mpombo thinks that everyone else was blind and numb.

“With regards to Mr Mpombo’s concerns over perceived mushrooming of election petitions which he described as intention to reduce or dilute the substance of opposition in Zambia, it’s worth noting that 90 plus days before today, Mr Mpombo’s political party, PF, was the party in government and it did not provide the democratic space to the opposition political parties to be more specific UPND. And Mr Mpombo did not say anything against that because he enjoyed it that way,” Munakaila noted. “Election petitions were there in the previous governments i.e. MMD and PF and in these petitions, petitioners have grounds in which they base their petitions and courts are there to preside over, and pronounce decisions either for or against, depending on the evidence adduced by the petitioner(s).”

He said courts were not in any way compelled by either party to decide in the manner they decide but on the weight of evidence adduced or the balance of probability.

Munakaila said petitioning election results by parties was constitutional.

He said it was good that leaders without substance in Zambia had destroyed themselves in advance and in full view of many Zambians.

“So that Zambians even in the near future will be able to elect leaders with substance to manage the affairs of this country like they did in the previous election without being deceived,” said Munakaila.

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