PF CRIMINALITY IS ALARMING …UPND faced with messy search, rescue and cleanup – Moyo

PF leaders used Zambia as a chariot, an ATM to access national resources for their benefit, says Joseph Moyo.

And Moyo says the PF government closed The Post and Prime TV because they did not want a free media to expose their crimes.

He further notes that the UPND is faced with a task of search, rescue, clean-up and later rebuilding the collapsed nation after “arsonists in the name of PF set fire to the economy”.

In an interview, Moyo, who is The African Woman Foundation (TAWF) founder, said what President Hakainde Hichilema revealed at the induction seminar for ministers and permanent secretaries on Monday about the extent of criminality in the PF government was alarming.

“The PF leaders used Zambia as a chariot, an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) to access national resources for their benefit. They turned Zambia into a PF business for their own benefit and PF cadres were shareholders,” he said. “It is more shocking to hear how Zambia was striped like a car for spares. With all the poverty and the collapsed health sector, to learn of this kind of thieving, corruption and abuses is beyond comprehension.”

He noted that President Hichilema in his address asked multiple times how controlling officers could allow such wrongs to happen.

“I think the answer is simple. It is because the State was captured by the PF leaders, some of whom are in parliament today. We had the largest State capture in the history of the world where a ruling party captured the State and made all institutions to answer to the ruling party,” Moyo said. “This State capture dwarfs the famous reported State capture that led to the establishment of the commission of inquiry led by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo in South Africa.”
He said the fires ignited by the PF corruption, thieving and abuses raged on in Zambia until August 12.

“The fires were unabated because all our firefighting institutions such as FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre), ACC (Anti-Corruption Commission), DEC (Drug Enforcement Commission) and the [Zambia] Police were captured and they chose to watch and do nothing while Zambia was burning,” Moyo charged. “Now the newly hired fire-fighter in the name of HH and team are doing a messy job of search, rescue, cleanup and rebuilding Zambia. Had sufficient fire trucks, firefighters and water (DEC, FIC, ACC and Police) stopped Zambia from becoming a rubble, HH would have had it easy to rebuild. But the firemen and women of our security apparatus sided with arsonists who set Zambia on economic and social fires through thieving, corruption and abuses of our resources.”

He said it was true for President Hichilema to suggest that: “Had Zambians knew the extent of thieving by the PF-led government officials they would have risen or rioted against the PF”.

Moyo said the PF gagged the media and activists such as Maiko Zulu, Pilato and others so as to get away with their crimes.

“They gagged, threatened and shut media houses such as The Post and Prime TV all because they feared people would know their criminality. What a shame for Zambia. Now we know PF leaders wanted to retain power only to perpetuate corruption, thieving and abuses. To them governing was not a means to empower the poor, but a means to steal from the poor. Theirs was a mission of grand theft, corruption and abuse,” said Moyo. “We reiterate our call to the UPND government to constitute a commission of inquiry to find out why DEC, ACC, Police and FIC among others failed us so that those who stood by when arsonists set our country on fires can be held accountable and secondly to ensure never, never and never again should Zambia be hijacked and be captured. It’s unfortunate to find arsonists now claiming to be victims of tribal hate and witch hunted when the victims are us the 18 plus million Zambians.”

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