N/W chamber of commerce calls for removal of trade bottlenecks between Zambia and DRC

[By Martin kamiji in Solwezi]

NORTH Western Province Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry has called for removal of trade bottlenecks between Zambia and DRC.

Speaking during a media briefing in Solwezi, chamber president Mukumbi Kafuta requested the Zambian government to engage DRC in removing the bottlenecks to trade between the two countries.

“In all our business engagements with the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is clear that agricultural products are on high demand in that country but it is challenging for our SMEs to take products into the market,” Kafuta said. “To achieve this, we would like to propose that the Zambian mission in the DRC begins to play an active role in engaging DRC in business best practices, provide information sharing platforms and stimulate export for Zambian companies for the benefit of both countries.”

Kafuta added that through regular international business-to-business conferences, exhibitions and other events aimed at linking Zambian manufacturers, producers and suppliers to Congolese companies are some of the many ways of unlocking the business potentials between the two countries.

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