Lampi advises UPND govt to stop listening to the gallery

STOP listening to the gallery, former University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) president Evans Lampi has advised the new dawn government.

Dr Lampi has advised the government to stop reacting and answering to every little criticism.

“You will get nothing done. If you reply to comments, you will be considered as defensive. If you do not reply, then you are aloof and arrogant. If you change policy decisions, then you have U-turned. If you stick to your decision then you are a non-listening government,” he warned. “Every Zambian considers himself to be an expert in every topic or issue. Irregardless of any decision you make there will always be critics. Even real experts differ in opinion: for instance, in economic matters. Therefore, put your head down and implement your agenda with your strategies. Stop listening to the gallery.”

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