PF CLEARLY SCARED…they know the crimes they committed, says Kazabu

YOU are better off keeping quiet, Luxon Kazabu has advised senior PF members.

He recalls how during Edgar Lungu’s reign PF cadres became kings and “the sad part is that the man at the top chose to zip up” when a word would have brought sanity in the country.

Kazabu, a former deputy minister of livestock and fisheries, says PF members are better off keeping quiet and watch events unfold under President Hakainde Hichilema.

In an interview, Kazabu said PF members should not forget how they treated Hichilema and incarcerated him even for charges that did not warrant one spending a night in police cells or worse Mukobeko Maximum Prison.

“If it was another person and not HH in the seat of Presidency, I don’t know where some PF members would have been today because they committed all sorts of atrocities against the people. PF members were enjoying themselves and calling him all sorts of names but today they are enjoying the freedom that is prevailing in the nation. They are enjoying the freedom of speech. During their time what some of them have said over President Hichilema would have landed them in trouble during the presidency of Edgar Lungu,” he said.

“They are better advised not to be opening their mouths very carelessly. Making careless statements one of them bordering on defamation of President and none of them has been charged and it is clear that the way some of them are behaving is clear that they are scared. Because they know what they did, they know the crimes they committed. They know what they stole from the Zambian people. So they are better off keeping quiet and watch events unfold in the new dawn.”
Kazabu said the new dawn administration has given the people a sigh of relief.
He said today anyone can go to any corner of the nation wearing any political party regalia without being harassed by UPND cadres.

“During their reign PF cadres became kings and the sad part is that the man at the top (Edgar Lungu) chose to zip up. He kept silent even in the wake of serious misbehaviour by his cadres. He said nothing and yet it just required one word from him and sanity would have prevailed. It is not surprising because that is how dictators behave. They want to intimidate everyone so that people get scared and thank God the Zambian people woke up on the right side of their bed on August 12 and showed them the exit door,” Kazabu said. “But they should behave because inasmuch as the new dawn government wants people to enjoy their freedom they must not exceed because in so doing they will be met with the long arm of the law. And when that happens they should cry foul as they are doing now that this new dawn government is on a witch hunt? Which witch hunt? We know that the law will soon catch up with more of those that committed crimes especially those that held senior positions in government.”

He said under the PF regime the people of Southern, Western and North-Western provinces were excluded from the governance of the nation.

“Numbers don’t lie because President Hichilema’s appointment thus far is what should have been done by Edgar Lungu to unite the nation,” said Kazabu. “But he (Lungu) divided us on the basis of tribe and I want to borrow Chishimba Kambwili’s words insoni ebuntu (a sense of shame is part of humanity).”

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