WE’RE GASPING FOR BREATH…you don’t go to IMF to develop – Laura

NO country goes to the IMF unless you have messed your economy spectacularly, says Laura Miti.

In a statement posted on her Facebook page, Miti, a governance activist said no country goes to the International Monetary Fund to develop but only when they are gasping for breath.

She added that, “You don’t go to the IMF when you have other straight forward options.”

“Like a friend says, no country goes to the IMF unless you have messed your economy spectacularly. Even as you go, you know you will be given instructions on what to do because when you had choices, you dug a big hole from which you cannot come out without help,” Miti said.

She said the IMF is the family meeting of country’s economies.

Miti said no couple takes their marriage to a gathering where anyone can say anything, unless they have failed to sort out their ‘nonsense’ in private.

“At the family meeting, you tell the world that ‘balala na bombasa’ (He sleeps with boxers on”. You are finished? All you have left, is to do the best with the advice you get, and promise yourself you will never be so foolish as to need to go to the family meeting again. Ndiye ise na (that’s us with) IMF,” she said. “You don’t go to the IMF to develop. You go to the IMF because you are gasping for breath…develop is after you have cleaned up the mess you are going to the IMF for.”

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