Nakacinda has been courting trouble – Luonde

FATHER Richard Luonde says PF central committee member Raphael Nakacinda has all along been courting trouble.

On Wednesday, police in Lusaka warned and cautioned Nakacinda for defaming President Hakainde Hichilema.

This followed Nakacinda’s accusation on Monday that the Head of State had been summoning judges to determine the outcome of a petition.

In this petition, eight PF members of parliament whose election has been nullified by the High Court challenged National Assembly Speaker Nelly Mutti’s decision to stop them from attending parliamentary proceedings until their appeals in the Constitutional Court were determined.

Following Nakacinda’s caution and subsequent detention at Chelston Police, Fr Luonde who is former NDC national chairperson and now a UPND member, advised Nakacinda and other PF members to accept that they were no longer in government.

“Raphael Nakacinda has been courting trouble ever since his violent party lost the general election. It was clearly predictable that his foul mouth would land him in trouble with the law,” he said in a statement yesterday. “What our colleagues in PF don’t want to accept are two things: that they lost the elections just as we warned them, and that the man they despised so much, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, is now President of our country. And thanks to all of us who detested PF nonsense and booted them out.”

Using a Bemba adage, Fr Luonde said it was not good for Nakacinda and his colleagues to keep provoking the President.

“PF members thought the new dawn government was sleepy. No wonder they have been provoking the rule of law at will. In our language we say akanyelele nga wakapimpila kalasuma (if you keep on provoking an ant, it will bite you). It’s not good for our colleagues to continue provoking a government that has restored order and promoted the rule of law,” Fr Luonde added. “We all know that even in the midst of freedom of expression, people should always utter words with full respect for other people’s rights. Nakacinda cannot accuse the President of holding meetings with judges over PF MPs whose election has been nullified. I challenge Nakacinda to prove this in public since he spoke with authority.”

He reminded Nakacinda that the UPND government was not lawless like the PF.
Fr Luonde further advised Nakacinda to focus his binoculars on PF which he said was diminishing every day.

“The problem is that Nakacinda thinks that the way they were abusing the courts is the same way President Hichilema is abusing these institutions. We know that their leader Edgar Lungu and the cadres themselves could even threaten judges publicly. That awful episode is over in our nation. We now have order and respect for institutions of governance,” said Fr Luonde. “By the way, I know that Nakacinda tested power as a nominated member of parliament under Mr Lungu’s rule. But now he is jobless, hence the rantings. I hope this episode will teach Nakacinda some manners since he seems to have none. Let him also buy a new binoculars because the one he has seems to have failed him. It is showing him dust and shadows instead of reality. Let him also focus that binoculars on his dead PF which still has a lot of issues.”

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