Kasumbalesa notorious for water, airborne diseases – Njekwa

[By Charles Tembo in Chililabombwe]

KASUMBALESA remains a notorious border for water and airborne diseases if left uncleaned, says Chililabombwe district commissioner Precious Njekwa.

And Chililabombwe mayor Lucky Sichone says businesses will not make sense if people trading on the border area are infected with water and airborne diseases.

Speaking after business was closed for three hours to facilitate the cleaning exercise, Njekwa said the government does not want to record any diseases “this rainy season”.

“We have decided to take up this challenge of cleaning up this part of the border area. This is the notorious boarder area that if left uncleaned, it will be a fertile ground for all water and airborne diseases. This we do not want want to see,” she said. “Today we have ordered all businesses not to work to pave way for the massive cleanup, collecting of garbage and unblocking of drainages at this boarder.”

Njekwa said having a clean business trading place at Kasumbalesa would boost trade.

She said the government had started to plan to avert outbreaks of diseases, during the wet season.

Meanwhile, Njekwa said COVID-19 cases were on the increase in the district.

She said Kasumbalesa as transit point for businesses, it is at high risk of having COVID-19 cases.

“So we continue to appeal to our residents to follow the five golden rules. Again we need to ensure that we get vaccinated. This is a border area, and the risk is huge. So we can help each other by vaccinating,” said Njekwa.

And Sichone said cleaning up of the border area should not be left to the council alone.

“This is collective work. We can’t leave this to the council alone. We need to ensure that we work together to keep this place clean,” said Sichone.

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