PF should just accept and bear the shame

It certainly isn’t admirable to be PF especially for those who served in high positions during Edgar Lungu’s rulership. We can only imagine how burdensome it is to carry the baggage of guilty already passed in the court of public opinion! It’s also energy sapping and emotionally draining when you’re not sure when State agencies would investigate and arrest you or why they’ve not yet approached you. We wonder how former ministers, those who managed the party at high level including those they placed as directors this and that in parastatals are managing today knowing it is only a matter of time before this or that charge is preferred on them. They really must be having long and excruciating nights, not to mention days! It’s painful enough that investigating agencies seem to be moving slowly while social media is every day alleging wrongdoing by this one and that one. But whatever is happening, the PF leadership brought it on themselves. Their conduct in government was not above board. How they managed themselves – becoming instantly rich against the dwindling economic fortunes for the country and they went about boasting arrogantly – is a serious indictment. And no one must be blamed for pointing an accusing finger in the direction of the PF about how corrupt they were including being incompetent managers. They certainly have an uphill battle to clear themselves! It’ll take more than expressing in passing words of ‘sorry, forgive us, we’re rebranding,’ etc. Their ruthlessness, banditry and contempt for the law cannot be forgotten just like that! No one is seeking vindictiveness against them but justice must prevail.

When these PF characters are asked to answer for their criminal acts, they should never look at it as vindictiveness – they brought it on themselves. They knew what they were doing and definitely they expected to be asked question if there was a change of government. The only problem then was that PF thought they had deeply entrenched themselves, such that no one could remove them from government. To make matters worse, they just looked at the UPND as their main opponent. What they overlooked was the fact that their opposition had shifted from UPND to the people. It was no longer them versus UPND but the people versus PF. This meant that the opposition had become too big and too complicated for PF. But because they were so puffed up with power, they could not see their imminent downfall; hence their current state of denial. There is no one in PF who seems to accept that they are no longer in power, that the person they called names and descended police on – Hakainde Hichilema- is now in control of the same State apparatus they abused. What if Hakainde choses to abuse the same system as the PF did, would anyone of them survive?

As Lusaka youth Dillon Mayangwa puts it, if president Hichilema was vindictive all police cells and prisons would have been full with PF criminal gangs.

“President Hichilema has concentrated on improving the lives of the ordinary Zambians and not fixing or punishing anyone. This is clear for all of us to see. Surely, if the President was vindictive, all our prisons, police cells would have been full of these PF criminals,” says Mayangwa. “Most of them their crimes are well documented for you and me to see. Starting from Edgar Lungu who refused to hand over power to the Speaker in 2016 when elections were challenged. Look at corruption cases that happened understand his leadership. Unlike the way former president Edgar Lungu treated his political opponents after he won the disputed 2016 elections, HH is letting those people (PF) to enjoy their retirement peacefully. Only their conscious is not letting them free because of what they did to the people of Zambia. Probably that’s why they are developing gray hair. They are scared that the law would soon visit them because of the crimes they committed to many Zambians. All this indicates that the President is not as vindictive as compared to his predecessor. This shows how good of a human he is. Even people like Chishimba Kambwili and his brother Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba who strongly preached against then opposition leaders by carrying a verbal campaign are freely enjoying their lives.”
Indeed, PF are failing to believe that the man they treated like a farm animal has given them their full rights, even the right to bark unnecessarily. They can even have the audacity to dare his authority. But PF must own up.

Disclosure of their crimes of whatever nature is necessary – it can be necessary to bring a closure to impunity, to heal hurting hearts and probably rid our politics of pollutants – bandits, rascals!

With regard to mistakes, Catherine Pulsifer advises that, “We all make them, the difference is what we do after we make the mistake, how we see the mistake – a learning experience or a failure.”

And Bob Anderson said, “Good people make mistakes and hurt others – then they learn from their mistakes and TRY not to make them again.”

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