CHIPOLOPOLO midfielder Enock Mwepu says it is unfortunate that Zambia is not at the ongoing Africa Cup of nations, adding that the country still has the caliber to qualify for the next tournament.

Mwepu told Brighton & Hove Albion FC TV that the current national team has the crop of players that are so positive.

“The Africa Cup is the biggest tournament in Africa and it really means a lot to us Africans; not just to us footballers but the fans as well. It’s a tournament that we express ourselves as players and it’s a good show for everybody to watch in Africa and it unites Africa.” he said. “Zambia played at so many Africa cups when I was a kid and it was really entertaining for me. And whenever Zambia is playing, in Zambia we are all watching; even if you don’t have a TV set you always go to your neighbour and watch Zambia play and they played and represented us well. And I always look forward and say, ‘I wish to play at the Africa Cup’. And it’s just unfortunate that I am here and we didn’t qualify for the tournament, and we are hoping for something to come up in the future for us to play at AfCON”

He added that they were so many positives that could be picked despite the nation not qualifying to the Africa Cup.

“We have a group of players and there are so many positives we can take even if we failed to qualify. Personally, I feel we can do something with our group; going forward,” said Mwepu. “All we need is just to be united and try to compete. It’s something that we need to work toward ourselves and believe, trust ourselves that we can play at that major tournament.”

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