What next after Lubinda’s confession?

Respect is a feeling of deep admiration that is elicited by a person’s abilities, qualities, or achievements. When you respect someone, whether personally or professionally, you admire them and treat them well. Respecting yourself gives you pride and confidence. You hold yourself in high esteem and know that you are worthy of being treated well. Respect, both for other people and ourselves, is an essential part of life. It becomes more essential if they are people we have offended.

When someone offends society, it is only logical that they show remorse to such a society. Constant mocking and provocation of society that is nursing wounds from a brutal government is certainly outrageous. And this is what we are seeing in Given Lubinda and his PF.

Lubinda last week bragged that while in power they were getting K3 from fuel, and questioned who was getting K9, in apparent reference to the UPND administration of Hakainde Hichilema.

We don’t know what has motivated Lubinda’s confession – jibe. We are saying so because even politicking must have limits. If indeed, they used to steal, the best is to confess their sins before they start pointing an accusing finger at the chaotic UPND government. The PF committed a lot of atrocities and majority citizens are still annoyed with them.

This is why the Foundation for Democratic Process executive director George Chimembe has challenged law enforcement agencies to take Lubinda’s statement serious.

“…Zambia Police and other wings should take the statement by the Patriotic Front acting president Given Lubinda seriously. This is the evidence that they need to follow up on corruption allegations by the PF,” said Chimembe. “The new dawn government promised Zambians that they would follow up on corruption allegations and bring back what was stolen from the Zambian people. This is the confession that law enforcement agencies need. If government wants to recover what was stolen from the Zambians, then this should be a wakeup call to law enforcement agencies.”

Our politicians are really strange animals! And George is right when he urges law enforcement agencies to take Given’s statement seriously.

But then, the problem is with the new dawn government which has allowed PF to keep mocking Zambians despite the harm they caused to this country. Why is the UPND government having difficulties in combatting corruption?

If this government had been serious about fighting corruption, by this time, some of these PF characters would have been eating beans in our correctional facilities. UPND has given them too much room to manoeuvre and literally insult Zambians – the same people they stole from.

For, example, how can our security wings raid these people’s homes five months after a change of government. Did they seriously expect to find anything there? No wonder most people have begun to wonder whether the UPND is committed to fighting corruption or not. In fact, even the corrupt PF characters have found the guts to dare this government because they have done their homework. They know that they cannot be caught. In short, UPND slept upon ascending to power. PF are seemingly criminally smarter than the current government – while investigative wings are on page one, PF characters are on page 15 of the script.

It is so worrying and depressing that we should be mocked by people who stole from us, and the evidence is overwhelming. Yet, our own government does not seem to be seriously committed!

As for the PF leadership, it is important for them to respect the people and keep quiet where necessary. Provocation is very dangerous.

Confucius asks, “Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?”

And Deborah Norville adds that, “Respect requires empathy, the capacity to anticipate and understand the feelings of others. It requires consideration.”
This is something Given and others should ponder on and begin to show remorse instead of mocking the people they abused.

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