Brace for difficult times, Lubinda warns senior PF members

[By Walusungu Lundu]

WE shall be raided, summoned and we shall be investigated but remain steadfast, Given Lubinda has advised senior PF members.

Lubinda, the acting PF president, further says party members need to brace themselves for difficult times.

“As citizens may be aware, many of our members and those associated with the PF have had either their homes raided by the investigative wings of government and all have been summoned by them to answer to all sorts of accusations. While we do not defend criminal activities, we also do not subscribe to the idea of harassing innocent people. We are certain that the appetite for vengeance and retribution by the UPND shall not end here,” he told journalists at a briefing in Lusaka yesterday. “I therefore, would like to appeal to all members of the Patriotic Front, particularly senior members of the Patriotic Front; let us brace ourselves for the difficult times. We shall be raided, we shall be summoned, we shall be investigated but remain steadfast.”

Lubinda said the public would be updated on the raids on a weekly basis.

He cited a few PF aligned individuals that have been visited by law enforcement officers, warning that more was coming.

“For now, I can point to the following victims of raids and arrests. Number one, no other than the former first lady’s foundation which was raided by the investigative wings who only found wheelchairs that are meant to be distributed,” Lubinda said. “The second raid was on Honourable Bowman Lusambo…there are many others that are not on my list but these are the ones that are prominent. The third is Bwalya Kalandanya who supposedly was raided for sponsoring musicians supporting the PF.”

He also claimed that the government was accusing Kalandanya of being a foreigner.

“And by the way, we even got information that they were suggesting that Bwalya Kalandanya all of the sudden is not a Zambian – is a Congolese. All this time he has been Zambian except now he has changed nationality!” said Lubinda. “Number four is Amon Jere…number five is Amos Chanda, former press aide for former president Edgar Lungu…number eight Hon Davies Chama who was kept in detention without appearing in court against the provisions of the Constitution of Zambia.”

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