Golden Party demands roadmap on constitutional, institutional reforms

[By Fanny Kalonda]

THE GOLDEN Party of Zambia has urged government to urgently release its constitutional and institutional reforms roadmap.

Party president Jackson Silavwe says the government’s silence in releasing the roadmap for constitutional and institutional reforms is now too loud to be avoided.

“Zambians cannot continue living with a Constitution that has flawed clauses and expect a flawless governance system. Zambia needs a good Constitution and independent institutions before the 2026 general elections. Government has an opportunity to initiate this process and give our people laws that will stand the test of time,” he said in a statement. “It is generally acceptable among well-meaning citizens and stakeholders that the current apex law of the land has a lot of gaps.”

Silavwe added that the cancellation of the Kabwata by-election was another clear indication that the current Constitution and subsidiary legislation needed urgent refining.

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