Judiciary will remain neutral, free of external influence – judge Mumba

NDOLA High Court Judge Davies Mumba says the judiciary will remain neutral and free of external influence.

Judge Mumba has also said that despite challenges and COVID-19 at play, the judiciary recorded an 84.6 per cent disposal rate of criminal matters.

Judge Mumba said this during the opening of the High Court criminal session in Ndola on Monday.

He said that the courts would ensure they remained committed in carrying out effective and efficient justice.

“We shall endeavour to remain neutral. We will not allow external influence as we deliver judgments. We will also ensure that we deliver judgments at a reasonable timeframe for fairness,” judge Mumba said.

He said there were a total of 166 cases that had been disposed in 2021 and 30 cases carried over to 2022 translating to an 83.6 per cent disposal rate.

Judge Mumba also complained of the inadequacy of infrastructure which also posed a challenge in dispensing of matters. He stressed the need for a modern court complex to help ease the challenges.

Judge Mumba also called for more staffing for the courts and implored the government to look into all challenges.

Copperbelt minister Elisha Matambo said the UPND government would ensure the judiciary was left to operate independently.

He said it was the desire of the government to promote the independence of the judiciary and the growth of democracy in the country.

“Government will give total support to the judiciary. Let me assure you that we will never interfere in the operations of the judiciary. We will respect the separation of powers as advised by President Hakainde Hichilema,” he said. “The judiciary should be independent from politicians. Justice should be given independently irrespective of who is involved.”

Matambo said the judiciary should be given the space to operate freely.

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