SURRENDER DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT…until ConCourt hears your matter, Regina tells Bowman

THE bragging by senior PF members such as Bowman Lusambo is hurting Zambians so much that it may be difficult to forgive them, says Regina Musokotwane.

She has since urged Lusambo and other PF members of parliament whose seats were nullified by the High Court to hand over their diplomatic passports until their matter is determined by the Constitutional Court.

Musokotwane, a former Katombora UPND member of parliament, asked the PF to repent.

“Zambians are not happy at the way they (PF) are behaving right now. They are not remorseful. And they are bragging about the money that they have. Lusambo is even saying ‘I still have a diplomatic passport. I can go to any holiday destination in the world I can afford!’ Just listen to that. Is this person listening to what Zambians are saying? He is not. He is in his own world,” she told The Mast. “They should repent and say that ‘we are sorry’ and Zambians might forgive them. But at the rate they are going even if they return the money, they might go to jail. They should humble themselves to Zambians. They hurt us so much and it will be very difficult for us to forget what they did to us because their bragging still hurts us.”

Musokotwane has since urged Lusambo and other PF members of parliament whose seats were nullified to hand over their diplomatic passports until their matter is heard by the Constitutional Court.

She appealed to former ministers in the PF government and other leaders to
return the money they stole if they want to be forgiven.

“Being a Christian when they return what they stole then I would think of punishing them or let them go. But mostly I would let them go and tell them to respect the new dawn administration. They should respect the UPND because President Hakainde Hichilema has done much better in five months than what they did in seven years. I say seven years because I want to remove Michael Sata’s three years. I want to start from where Edgar Lungu started from,” Musokotwane said.

“Nurses and teachers’ training colleges were still recruiting students. They did not stop training to an extent where we now have thousands of health personnel and teachers who are not employed. But within five months President Hakainde says 30,000 teachers will be employed, 11,000 medical staff will be employed. They (PF) need to appreciate the good things the new dawn government is doing right now, because these are things they should have done in seven years.”

She recalled the PF did question where the money to implement the free education policy would come from “when such funds were available within the country but was only being used to the benefit of a few PF ‘crooks’.”

“Where did Hakainde find the money? It was within the country because they were not putting it into the treasury. They used the money for themselves instead of the benefit of the Zambians. So they should appreciate because they could have done this (free education). Sometimes they should stand and say ‘ah, this is good, why didn’t we do it?’” Musokotwane said.

She wondered what type of rebranding the PF intends to do in 2026 which they failed to do in seven years under Lungu.

“If they do so (bounce back in 2026) are they going to do what they have been doing in the last seven years or they would do things differently? If they do things the way they are doing now, even if they come back in 2026, they would not do anything differently,” said Musokotwane. “They are not remorseful. The Zambian people are crying. They were crying because they suffered en mass. It was not only the UPND that made Hakainde win. A lot of Zambians from different political parties and those on the fence and those in the background said we will wake up to
change this government.”

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