Zambian football problems now an emergency – Mpundu

NKANA Independent member of parliament Binwell Mpundu says the issue of Zambian football is now an emergency.

Commenting on the on-going Africa Cup of Nations which has seen Zambia miss three times in a roll, Mpundu said the country needs to have an honest conversation about the matter and seek solutions to the problem.

“Okay, the issue of football is now an emergency. How can we miss AfCON 3 times in a roll? Let’s have a very honest conversation and perhaps

avoid pointing fingers at each other as we seek solutions to this problem,” Mpundu said in his Facebook post.

Mpundu, an ardent follower of Zambian football, said reasons for the poor performance of teams lied in, among other things, poor management of the sport.

He cited lack of talent and poor coaching and technical support among other reasons.

“Poor funding towards the sport and external interference in sport. And very rare could be luck of support (ba supporter). So, what are [we] dealing with in the case of our national team and what would be the remedy because honestly there is a problem that even my son at home has noticed?’’ asked Mpundu. ‘’When Shaun my son asked me what was happening with the national team, I couldn’t give him the answer. We can’t unfortunately fold our arms and pretend we are not affected. The true truth is we are all affected and it calls for all of us to have an honest

conversation. How can Malawi be at the AFCON and we are not there three times in a roll? What exactly is wrong with our football guys.”

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