ZCCP implores artistes to help fight GBV, HIV

[By Fanny Kalonda]

THE Zambia Centre for Communication Programmes (ZCCP) has called on theatre artistes to make an impact and help end gender-based violence and HIV.

Opening the Zambia Police Nkwazi Theatre training in Lusaka on Tuesday, ZCCP executive director Johans Mtonga said drama provided a unique way of communicating hence the need for its input in the fight against gender-based violence (GBV).

“It cannot be denied that GBV limits the full potential of women and girls to contribute to their personal development and that for the nation. The support they deserve rarely reaches them. Support and access to services continue to be a challenge,” he said.

Mtonga said that it was important for the government to fight COVID-19 without forgetting the fight against gender-based violence.

He expressed hope that the training would have a huge impact on the community, especially through carefully crafted scenes promoting prevention and response to GBV.

“There is need to address it with immediate effect interventions using proven strategies and methodologies,” said Mtonga.

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