Don’t allow dirty people to rub shoulder with HH – Andrew

UPND deputy national chairperson Andrew Banda says the people that are handling the presidency must be very careful with whom they expose the President to.

Addressing journalists in Chipata on Wednesday, Banda said party officials are finding difficulties to access State House.

“I will speak from a point of strength. All the PF in Eastern Province who were attacking us, who were attacking my chairman…You remember very well that his house was petrol bombed, we all know the people who were doing this. My only appeal is to my colleagues that are handling the presidency, I am talking about the office of the President, must be very careful with whom they expose to the President. Most of our officials seated here are finding it difficult to access State House,” he said.

Banda said people who were insulting President Hakainde Hichilema were patronising the party.

“People who were insulting the President that he had the palsy in his brain, people who were calling him a tribalist, people who were calling him a satanist, people who were setting up bases here for GGOZA (Good Governance Zambia) to rig elections are patronising our party, to take over our party in place of these officials. That we will not allow! I want to be very clear about that. We will not allow that,” he said.

Banda appealed to those handling the presidency not to allow dirty people from PF to start rubbing shoulders with President Hichilema when UPND officials have not had an opportunity to do so.

“I want to serve notice to them; they must stop it otherwise we will start stopping them using other methods ourselves,” he warned. “This country does not only belong to them, it was their time and now it is the time for these people behind here and everywhere in this province and all over the country for them to govern this country, not PF again. We don’t want turncoats. We see on social media everyday ‘this one is like this, like that’. No, no, that’s not right.”

When asked to comment on the alleged rotten groundnuts seed that some farmers were supplied with in some parts of the country, Banda said the rotten legumes cannot be blamed on the UPND.

“Who supplied those, it’s the PF! You know what has happened to the UPND is that everything that is happening now, is from the PF. We inherited a rotten government like those rotten legumes. So, you can’t blame it on the UPND,” he said.

Banda said the first fertiliser contract for the UPND would be advertised towards the end of February and March this year.

“Everything that is happening now, blame PF. They can never run away from that. They are trying to be too clever and think that Zambians are gullible. If Zambians were not clever people, the PF would not have been voted out but they saw through them,” he said.

And Banda said there would be another generation that would come to rule Zambia after the UPND.

“We are seeing acting presidents, presidents of small political parties making a lot of noise. Insulting us. I want to tell you that, after HH goes out whenever he goes out and after UPND goes out – I don’t know when – the next president of this country will not be from those guys that we hear Zayela [Given Lubinda] and these others who are just talking,” he said. “There will be another generation that will come after Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND. I can assure you that not that group of the opposition that we are seeing, none of those. Maybe in 2087 and in that year none of us will be there.”

On the appointments, Banda said President Hichilema does his best to ensure he appoints the right people.

Banda’s briefing was mostly centred on the supply of fertiliser under the Farmer Input Support Programme.

He gave some highlights of the current fertiliser distribution exercise in all the districts in the province and the fertiliser supply contracts.

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