Kambwili will throw PF off balance, says Ngwira

PF member Chanoda Ngwira says positioning Chishimba Kambwili as a frontrunner in its rebranding process will throw the former ruling

party off balance, especially when they are reminded of how he consistently spoke on tribalism in the last elections and before.

Agreeing with Chienge independent member of parliament Given Katuta, who noted that the PF does not learn from the past, Ngwira said it was a fact that Kambwili had a large following although his past political life betrays him.

Katuta had said, “Ba PF you don’t learn…your leaders who immensely contributed to your downfall in the August 2021 general elections, we see them again in Kabwata Constituency attempting to ‘boost’ support for your by-election parliamentary candidate. People rejected such individuals and their campaign messages but you still want to continue turning a blind eye/deaf ear.”

Following Katuta’s statement, Ngwira said if PF really wants to rebrand, it needs to stay away from the thought that the party could only be led by certain individuals who claim to be more popular than other aspiring to be party president.

“Seeing a post by Independent member of parliament, Honourable Given Katuta on her Facebook page…made me realise that we indeed

need a lot as a party if we are to put meaning to the rebranding process otherwise it would be an academic exercise…I want to state categorically here that if we mean to rebrand as a party, I think we need to stay away from the behaviour of thinking PF can be led by particular individuals only in the name of claiming they are popular than others,” Ngwira said.

“A precedence has been there; president Lungu was nowhere near popularity in 2015, what the general membership and leadership of the party looked at was character and conduct. They looked at a person who would appeal to both the youths and the old, a person who would carry a certain flavour regard[ing] their conduct and all. We have seen names popping up with regards those who want to contest for PF presidency; we have the likes of Ambassador [Emmanuel] Mwamba, Honourable Chishimba Kambwili, Honourable [Brian] Mundubile and many others.”

Ngwira said pertinent questions should be asked regarding how Zambians view those aspiring to be leaders of the PF.

“How do Zambians view these people individually? Where are they coming from regards their conduct? Have they hated people before in respect to their way of politics? Have they been stable and all that? Have they been in the books of politics, for how long…? These are serious questions that ought to be taken seriously. I will give an example on my good

tribal cousin Honourable Chishimba Kambwili, it is a fact, the man is a political muscle worthy noting. He has great following, yes. However, where is he coming from? How has he conducted himself? For me, these are names that should be considered for backing others with their following. He is needed for strategy and mobilising if indeed we are serious as a party,” he said.

He noted that Kambwili had not only been branded a tribalist but also confessed to be one.

“Putting Hon Kambwili on top, in my opinion, may just make both some PF members and the general public have issues with PF, especially when they are reminded of how he consistently spoke on tribalism in the last elections and before. In short, Honourable Kambwili has been branded as a tribalist and yes he has confessed that before and Zambians forgave him…. However, in the last election, he seemed to have come back to this issue during campaigns and so the matter is still fresh in the minds of Zambians. So if it were for me, I would definitely put a no on him regards PF Presidency…” he said.

Further, Ngwira said Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba needed more time to strengthen himself for a bigger position in the near future.

He said it was too early for Mwamba to be considered as PF president.

“He is good. However, I feel it is a little too early for him to position himself for such positions, especially that he has all along inclined himself with public service job. He is a great man though I feel maybe

he should start from being an MCC and rise in that regard,” Ngwira said.

And Ngwira said Mundubile had demonstrated leadership inside and outside Parliament.

Ngwira said not only does Mundubile appeal in character, but also had a unifying influence.

“Honourable Mundubile has really branded himself so well. He has conducted himself so well within and outside the party. He has demonstrated leadership inside and outside the house, I mean

Parliament. Not only does he appeal in character, he also does appeal in regards to being a uniting factor. There is no malice in his mouth, there is no insult and vulgarity in his life. Many have fought

him but he still loves them…. If it were for me, he could be a good start regards PF leadership, that’s my opinion anyway…” said Ngwira.

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