Sinda MP bemoans Neria Investment’s delay to deliver D compound fertiliser

SINDA PF member of parliament Masauso Tembo has expressed disappointment with the delay by Neria Investment Company to distribute D compound fertiliser.

In a statement, Tembo said the delay would cause hunger in 2023 because farmers might not be able to produce their expected yield.

“In my constituency, the challenge which my people are complaining about is the delay of fertiliser distribution. As we stand now, they planted seed, it geminated and it has reached the level where D compound fertiliser is supposed to be applied but farmers don’t have,’’ he said. ‘’This has affected my farmers and if this won’t be intervened now then we are going to have a big hunger in 2023.”

He said once farmers failed to produce enough crops, the economy of the nation could collapse.

Tembo said even copper was finishing and miners were turning to agriculture.

“Once we don’t have food even our economy will be affected because farming is the only thing that is changing our economy. Now ngakhale ku migodi you can see copper is finishing and people are trained to venture into agriculture,’’ Tembo said.

He said when a constituency had hunger, the burden on the member of parliament became huge because the electorate flocked there.

He expressed fear that once hunger hit a nation or community it could become very difficult to eradicate.

“It’s very difficult to end hunger when it affects an area because a lot has to be done. I have engaged the DACO to find out but he doesn’t know too, I have talked to Neria Investment in-charge but he keeps on giving us hope that the consignment will be delivered any day; but it’s too late and it will affect farmers,” said Tembo. “Let the Ministry of Agriculture engage Neria Investment to be fast so that farmers can at least apply fertiliser. It’s not ok that we are at 32%; meaning we are 68% behind, which is not good.”

Meanwhile, Sinda district commissioner David Tembo said it was not the government’s fault for delayed inputs but the supplier.

“Truly, we are really behind and as we stand, we haven’t reached 50% of fertiliser distribution. It’s a growing concern for the district though I’m aware that it’s across the board where Neria Investment is and this challenge is not from government, the challenge is Neria Investment,’’ said David. ‘’Neria has delayed the whole process, putting us in this awkward position that we are in. We are in January and farmers haven’t applied fertiliser.”

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