This is the change we needed, says Nalumango

[By Oliver Chisenga in Mongu]

ZAMBIA has been liberated, this is the change we needed, says Vice-President Mutale Nalumango.

Addressing Mongu residents and UPND supporters upon arrival yesterday, Vice-President Nalumango applauded them for delivering the change and victory through the ballot.

“Even if you didn’t see with the eyes of the flesh, you saw victory and you stood for that. And today Zambia is liberated. And that’s why your administration has been called the New Dawn. It’s a new beginning for Zambia,” she said as the crowd cheered on.

Vice-President Nalumango said the UPND wanted to get rid of the bad things of yesterday, among them corruption.

Singing a UPND campaign song in Lozi which translates as, ‘we should not lose hope because the bell of winning is ahead of us’, Vice-President Nalumango said the faith of victory was unimaginable.

“It’s a new beginning for Zambia. We can talk about many things but perhaps let us talk about things that affect us at household [level]. We talked about free education and this has begun. You can trust your President, President Hakainde Hichilema,” Vice-President Nalumango said. “What was promised, he is focused and he is going to ensure that development comes to every corner of this country.”

She cited the payment of retirees as one of the many promises the new government had started fulfilling.

Vice-President Nalumango wondered why the previous government failed to pay retirees when money was there.

“We have paid most of them. Out of K1.6 billion, K1.2 billion has already been given. This is a working government. The previous government had struggled with the issues of retirees but this government has started paying retirees,” she said as the crowd cheered even more.

And Vice-President Nalumango said the UPND government was working to decentralise resources so that every citizen could participate in national development.

She said it was wrong that money was being misused by the central government in Lusaka.

“Believe you me, Mongu as a district will get K51.4 million. Just Mongu district. And that money must work here, any work to be done. My work is to create jobs for our youths because that money must be used in Mongu,” she said. “It is not only Mongu, even Kalabo gets the same. That means Nkeyema gets K25.7 million. Now CDF has come to the people and not Lusaka. This is how great Hakainde is.”

She said the country has been looking for hard workers like President Hichilema.
Vice-President Nalumango added that the government has created the Ministry of Small and Media Enterprises to take care of citizens with enterprising minds.

She urged those with land in resettlement schemes to hold on to it as it would be the government’s development hubs.

Vice-President Nalumango further said no foreigner should come to Zambia and take a lead in doing business without partnering with indigenous Zambians.

“Let us partner with them. No foreigners will be allowed to come and start doing things on their own. We want you to partner with them,” said Vice-President Nalumango.

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